Annapolis’, Maryland’s state capital, economic base has historically been rooted in federal, state and local government entities due to it’s quick access to Washington D.C. Situated on Chesapeake Bay between Baltimore and Washington D.C., it’s now a fast growing hub for high tech industrial companies. New companies in fiber optics, telecommunications and computer related technologies are setting up shop in the Annapolis area. Along with a bustling tourism industry, businesses of all sizes in Annapolis are thriving and prospering.

With a booming industry comes the need for an established, trustworthy accountant to ensure your business not only weathers any storms but who continues to help you grow and prosper. Savvy Financial Solutions, a Maryland based online accountant, can help your business through monthly upkeep of your bookkeeping or one off accounting project needs. What type of online accounting service do you need?

Outsourced Quickbooks Services

Our online accounting based firm can easily help you navigate the ins and outs of Quickbooks. From getting you properly set up to helping to streamline your Quickbooks process, Savvy Financial Solutions outsourced accounting services partner with you.

Outsourced Tax Accounting Services

When it comes to taxes, rules are constantly a moving target and can be a confusing space to navigate. Hiring an outsourced tax accountant expert ensures you are paying what you need to when.

Outsourced Bookkeeping Services

Up to date accounting records is an essential part of any business to ensure a healthy balance sheet. With Savvy Financial Solution’s online bookkeeping program, we can set up a program to ensure no expense is lost and cash flow is monitored appropriately.

Outsourced Payroll Services

Payroll is one of those admin tasks that must be completed on time, not only for employee morale but also for the financial health of the business. Our outsourced payroll services as set up to meet your company’s needs and takes one more thing off your “to do” list.

Project Consulting

In addition to ongoing bookkeeping, tax prep and Quickbooks services, we provide accounting services on a project basis. From helping new businesses start up to providing analysis for existing businesses, we will provide you an objective view of your financial state and needs.

Are you a start up business or in need of project consulting? We work with you too! CONTACT US FOR A FREE 30-MINUTE CONSULTATION.