5 Key Services Your Virtual Accountant Should Provide


A large number of tasks fall under bookkeeping and accounting areas. In your first meeting with your virtual accountant, they’ll want to know what you need them to do, so it’s important to narrow the field to what you really need help with. Here are 5 key services most companies will want to have their virtual accountant provide:

Tax Filing and Reporting

Regardless of what kind of business your company does, the owner shouldn’t try to deal with taxes on their own. There are many varying laws and requirements for industries, state, municipalities, and the IRS. The consequences of getting that wrong are dire, and often costly. Save that for the pros.

Bank Reconciliation

Bank account reconciliations can take a great deal of time and trouble, especially if you have multiple accounts. Since most business bank accounts are accessible online, it’s very easy for a virtual accountant to access company bank accounts in real time, as well as download statements.

Managing Credit Cards

The time it can take for an owner or office manager to go through credit card statements can eat away from other more demanding tasks on site, especially for multiple cards. Like bank accounts, card statements can be worked with easily online and remotely.

Record Cleanup

If a company has missing or incomplete documentation and accounting history to clean up, it’s hard to do while keeping up with daily business. Let the virtual accountant get that done.

Data Entry for AP & AR

If you’ve got a lot of bills to input and receivables daily, save money and time by letting your virtual accountant keep it all up to date.

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