Project Consulting


Not all businesses are ready to take the virtual leap for their accounting needs. Even though we are more than ready, we want to meet you where you are! Let us earn your trust and business for short term outsourced accounting.

Savvy Financial Solutions provides project accounting services to bridge the gap in your organization. We perform services such as audit preparation services, stop gap for medical leave accounting employees, accounting record clean-up, etc.

“Savvy Financial Solutions was engaged to provide additional accounting support and staff training during a period of increased reporting volume and departmental growth. Savedra and her firm were an invaluable resource and I highly recommend.”
NELSON RITCHIE Director of Real Estate Accounting Meridian Group
“The customized services that Savvy Financial Solutions provides made all the difference. Savedra was able to seamlessly fill in for one of our staff members when she was on maternity leave. Her reliability and knowledge allowed us to bring her back for additional services.”
ERIC MEANS Corporate Controller Ross Management Services

Are you a nonprofit or in need of outsourced accounting or bookkeeping services? We work with you too!